My Summer European Adventure

Last month I spent two weeks in Europe, which was absolutely amazing! We flew into Amsterdam then drove through Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic.

Our rental car had Netherlands plates, and it was two upgrades!

Just Kidding!


During my travels I came across QR codes more than I have before. The Dutch in particular seem to be quite fond of them. I especially noticed them at Schipol, the Amsterdam airport. Evidently there is a campaign for QR codes at Schipol. I also made sure while I was in Amsterdam, that I got my copy of the Queen Beatrice memorial coin, the first coin minted with a QR code:

Outside of seeking fascinating uses of technology, I also enjoyed the fabulous gastronomic culture:

Fabulous Coffee!

Pancake Soup!

And beer….





I drank more than my usual allotment of … none, but this was all very good and locally brewed from various regions. I really enjoyed it.

Now the fun is over and classes have begun… (oh wait! I forgot that I *like* being a teacher, librarian, and student!)….

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