New Book Chapter Published

I am pleased to announce that the book chapter I co-authored with some fabulous colleagues is now the lead chapter in a very prestigious new publication:

Mobile Pedagogy and Perspectives on Teaching and Learning (Advances in Mobile and Distance Learning

Distance learning has existed in some form for centuries, but modern technologies have allowed students and teachers to connect directly, no matter what their location, using the internet and mobile devices.

Mobile Pedagogy and Perspectives on Teaching and Learning explores the tools and techniques that enable educators to leverage wireless applications and social networks to improve learning outcomes and provide creative ways to increase access to educational resources. This publication is designed to help educators and students at every level optimize the use of mobile learning resources to enhance educational experience and improve the effectiveness of the learning process regardless of physical location.

The chapter is:

Towards a Mobile Learning Pedagogy

Scott E. Hamm (Abilene Christian University, USA), Jason Drysdale (University of Colorado Denver, USA) and Diana Moore (New England College, USA)


Mobile devices provide information access all the time and everywhere. The manner in which we access data has become a fulcrum of our social, vocational, and educational ethos. The developing mediums by which information is engaged are establishing themselves as a pervasive part of our ecology. People expect to be able to perform life tasks-work, study, and play-all the time and everywhere. This reality is transforming education and a 21st century pedagogy is emerging which necessitates a research-informed approach to the integration of theory and praxis. As mobility affords new and exciting ways to engender informal learning within the academy, we will explore an evidence-based pedagogy that augments, extends, and constructs learning as a result of mobility’s affordances

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