I Love Mendeley!

I recently signed up for a webinar on Mendeley, which just released it’s 1.0 version.  I had experimented with the beta version some time ago and then quickly forgot about it, as I delved more deeply into Zotero and the cumbersome, inflated Endnote (which is paid for by my university and offered for free to poor doctoral students like myself).  After the webinar, I downloaded Mendeley and was immediately impressed by how quickly and easily I could import my entire PDF library.  Before doing anything else, I immediately downloaded the app to my iPad.  Evidently I had had it on there before but removed it.  I guess I was not so impressed back then.  I then got distracted (which is not unusual) and went on to do other things.  This morning, as I was showing a colleague how to use an iPad to access ebooks and journal articles in Springerlink, the option to send the PDF we were looking at to Mendeley came up.  It was actually quite easy!  I can do my research via my iPad, open my PDF in PDF Expert (where I can make extensive annotations) and then send it to Mendeley.  Amazing!

What is Mendeley? from Mendeley on Vimeo.


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Do you use Mendeley?  Which bibliographic reference manager do you use?

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