About Diana T. Moore, Ph.D.

Diana Moore is a fine art photographer and young adult fiction writer based in New Hampshire. She specializes in nature photography, including wildlife and environmental issues. She dabbles in the abstract, has traveled extensively, and enjoys hiking around natural wonders and photographing people, landscapes, and places, in pursuit of compelling images. Originally from Philadelphia, Diana obtained her BA degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, her MS degree from Drexel University, and her PhD from Nova Southeastern. She is currently working on her MFA in creative writing at Cedar Crest College. Currently, Diana is combining her artistic talent with her academic background to create an online school cultivating creativity through personal development, yoga, and meditation classes. Her other interests include, running, natural wellness, Ayurveda, and dance. She currently resides in Hooksett, New Hampshire with her teenage daughter.

Pain Relief through Mindfulness Meditation

Do you experience chronic pain? You are not alone.  Chronic pain burdens 100 million adults in the United States, which is a vast number, when you think about it. The population of the United States is currently about 327 million, so approximately 1 in 3.27 people experience chronic pain, which can be life altering, if Continue Reading →

Why I Became a Vegan, Part 1: The Planet

Carbon Footprint by Diet

This past May, May 2nd to be exact, I decided to become a vegan.  There wasn’t any life-turning event or magical moment when I suddenly transformed.  It was a slow process of self-introspection and education about how farming practices impact the environment, how consumption of meat and dairy affect our health, and ethical concerns about Continue Reading →

Natural Oral Health

Oral health is sometimes overlooked as an important part of overall health and well-being.  We were all taught as children to brush and floss three times a day, but how many people actually do that? Most Americans brush twice a day: once in the morning and once before bed.  Maintaining healthy teeth affects the overall health of Continue Reading →

Giving Up Sugar for Lent

Lent officially began last Wednesday, and traditionally, every year, I honor the time with a personal sacrifice.  As we end the dark days of winter, this is a perfect time to think about cleansing and letting go before embracing the energy of new beginnings in spring.  Giving up something in your life that may not Continue Reading →

Dr. Moore Now Offers Holistic Nutrition Coaching!

Holistic Nutrition Coaching with Diana THE POWER OF BLOOD SUGAR STABILIZATION VS. DIETING Do you want to lose weight, burn fat and build lean muscle? Do you want more energy while boosting your metabolism? Do you want to fuel your workouts and look and feel your best without dieting or restriction? The answer is simple; stabilize Continue Reading →

Body Smart Wellness Center Welcomes Diana T. Moore, Ph.D. to its Staff of Superb Practitioners

BodySmart Wellness LLC Welcomes Diana Moore Ph.D. To Its Staff Of Superb Practitioners Diana T. Moore, Ph.D. Dr. Moore began instructing undergraduate and graduate students both in person and online in 2001 as a college professor.  She is an expert in academic research and online learning pedagogy and has lectured nationwide on a variety of Continue Reading →