Lahaska Wellness Center Welcomes Diana T. Moore, Ph.D. to the Center Beginning February 15th.

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Lahaska Wellness Center
5872 York Road
Lahaska, PA 18931 

Lahaska Wellness Center Welcomes Diana T. Moore, Ph.D. to the Center Beginning February 15th.

LAHASKA, Pennsylvania – February 1, 2016 – Dr. Moore brings peace and wellness to Central Bucks with hypnosis, private yoga consultations and mindfulness meditation classes.  She joins Dr. Ron Maltz, Center Director, who offers chiropractic services, and Diane Hunter, RN, who offers acupuncture services.

Dr. Moore specializes in hypnosis for smoke cessation, childbirth and performance enhancement in areas such as sports, career and school.  Current research supports the effectiveness of hypnosis in pain management, controlling IBS and helping veterans with PTSD.

According to Dr. Moore, “It is amazing how effective hypnosis is as a tool to access the mind-body connection and achieve personalized goals.  If you want to quit smoking, you will quit smoking with hypnosis.  If you want to perform better in your next competition, hypnosis will help you. I used hypnosis for childbirth myself for the birth of my daughter in 2006.  I gave birth in three and a half hours after arriving at the hospital.  It was amazing!”

Dr. Moore also sees clients for private yoga consultations and personalized meditation consultations to reduce stress and bring peace of mind.  She is offering a six-week class for people new to meditation or experienced meditators interested in learning new techniques.  The class begins Wednesday, February 17th at 7pm and costs $75.

Dr. Moore will be available at The Lahaska Wellness Center by appointment starting February 15, 2016. The Lahaska Wellness Center is located at 5872 York Road, Lahaska, PA 18931. Dr. Moore may be reached by phone at 267-753-9262 or by email at diana at

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