Private Yoga

Private Yoga Classes

“My private yoga sessions with Diana have not only enhanced my personal practice, but they have positively affected my performance as an athlete.  Her guided meditations and yogic craftsmanship have helped me to deflect everyday stress in my life and heal from within.  Her soothing demeanor and down-to-earth humor make every session special.” — M Roberts


Private yoga sessions with Diana Moore are a synthesis of years of training and practice in holistic health.  Sessions are always personalized and tailored to your needs and can include the design of a home practice for your use away from the studio. This inspires students to continue honing  the skills learned in a private class and continuing to maximize the benefits derived from the time spent together.

Private yoga sessions are for students at any level, from complete beginners to advanced students and yoga teachers. Diana specializes in customizing stress-reduction techniques, teaching the joyful benefits of yoga, and bringing holistic balance. She offers innovative ways to enable private clients to continue to grow in their yoga practice – cultivating a safe and relaxed learning environment. With an individually tailored program, clients continually progress – fostering vibrant health and clarity of mind.

Diana is known for her compassion and ability to inspire and build confidence regardless of one’s age or yoga experience. She has a keen eye for precise alignment and provides hands-on adjustments that are beneficial to each individual.

Each private lesson is one hour, booked in advance at a time and day convenient to each client.


  • 1 hour of private yoga practice including meditation training (if needed) and consultation about needs (nutrition to structural)
  • Follow-up contact


  • Single Private Session – $80
  • Package of 4 Private Sessions – $300 ($75 each)
  • Package of 10 Private Sessions – $700 ($70 each)
  • Semi-Private Session:
    • $100 – up to 4 people.
    • $150 – unlimited participation

*All sessions require a 24-hour notice for cancellation.

Reasons to take private yoga lessons:

New to yoga
Often group classes can be overwhelming and intimidating with a pace that is too fast for a beginner. I can help you with adjustments and personal attention going at a pace that is best for your particular needs.

Target a specific area or work with specific injuries
Aligning your body properly allows the body to heal itself. I can help with more physical adjustments and assisted stretching than would be possible in a class. I can help with specific poses and assisted poses that will target hips, shoulders, neck, back, hamstrings, core strength or any other area that needs attention.

Work towards a specific goal
The benefits of yoga include increasing balance, fitness, health, self-exploration, stress relief, rejuvenation, or weightloss. I can help you learn how to build a sequence of poses that lead to preparing the body for specific poses or outcomes.

In this type of private yoga practice, I suggest at least 2-3 sessions (approx. over the space of a month) to get you up and running with a practice that is tailored to your particular needs, that you can safely and confidently enjoy in your own time and preferred environment.

Once we have developed your regular personal (home) practice,  I recommend to continue with follow-up private sessions every 4 to 6 weeks to address any concerns, questions, as well as deepen and/or update your practice based on where you are at.

Develop a home practice
I can help you learn sequencing to prepare for specific poses. I can help design a variety of practices for different goals targeting distinct areas of your body.

Busy schedules that do not allow time to travel to a public class and find a class suited to your needs.
I can come to your home or office at a time that is convenient for you and design a class for you. Free yourself from yoga studio class schedules and commuting time.