Using the iPad for Research

I will be presenting as a part of the Technology Petting Zoo at the SEFLIN regional conference on July 14th, if you are in Southeast Florida during that time.  One of my research interests is the use of media tablets (particularly the iPad) in mobile learning (mlearning).

In this presentation I will be demonstrating how to use the iPad to access, annotate and store .pdfs all in one location. This includes accessing databases to find journal articles, book chapters, etc., opening a .pdf, annotating it with a stylus (highlight, tag, sticky note, underline, etc.), and then saving the annotated .pdf in a searchable library on the iPad, which can then be easily accessed anytime in the future.  This eliminates piles of paper copies (so unsightlyand difficult to keep organized! Plus we are saving TREES!) and keeps research accessible on one small device.  This is mlearning at its finest and the future of academic research!

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