Intuitive Healing & Counseling

Intuitive Healing & Counseling Sessions with Dr. Moore

butterflywisdomDr. Moore specializes in identifying and transforming the root causes and vibrational patterns that create distress and discomfort; which when left unresolved, can manifest as depression, unhappiness, or even illness.

In working with Dr. Moore, together you will identify your ultimate goals as well as what is sabotaging your ability to live the life you love in any area of your life that is creating distress for you: your past, relationships, work, physical health, life purpose, finances, friendships, creativity and/or spiritual practice.

If you suffer from unhappiness, discontent or stress in any of the following areas, consider a session with Dr. Moore:

Life Purpose ~ Relationship Issues ~ Spiritual Awakening and Evolution ~ Life Transitions ~ Fear ~ Anxiety ~ Depression ~ Feeling Overwhelmed or Confused ~ Lethargy ~ Feeling “Stuck” ~ Years of Therapy but Still not “There” ~ High Stress Levels ~ Lack of Focus or Passion — and a host of other emotional, physical and spiritual concerns.

What will you get out of a session?

A session can help liberate you from a habit, relationship, or deep cultural or behavioral patterns. Sessions offer support and balance during times of transition, shifts in life’s course or accelerated self-change. Directed by a dialogue with you, Dr. Moore provides a combination of information and guidance to assist you, and may include energy work to bring you into a state of balance, connection, wholeness and well-being.

During energy work with Dr. Moore, she transmutes any energetic blocks at their source as well as the energetic templates that hold persistent patterns in place. She clears away energetic “clutter” in order to open the flow of prana through your body, opening you to the skills, talents and positive qualities innate within you.

Dr. Moore will also customize a daily practice for you to complement the work you do together in session. Specific energetic practices, mindfulness, meditations and lifestyle changes will be addressed and recommended as needed. You will leave sessions with Dr. Moore feeling grounded and clear.