Diana’s Dance Teaching Philosophy

Diana’s Teaching Philosophy


Diana offers dance classes from a three-fold perspective of balance between the mind, body, and spirit.  First and foremost it relieves stress, which is a factor in many women’s lives that can be a catalyst for the onslaught of many illnesses.  Natural Motion Dance is a physical outlet for any stress in our daily lives.  It is relaxing and connects our minds and bodies in a moving meditation that is graceful to behold and empowering to the psyche.


The connection and social contact with other women in a nurturing, supportive, accepting environment facilitates an increase in self-esteem and self-awareness.  We celebrate femininity in all shapes and forms, as beauty radiates from within.  When we see ourselves as beautiful, others will follow suit.  There is no social pressure to be thin in this style of dance.  Dancing in an accepting environment of women of all shapes and sizes increases self-confidence and a feeling of camaraderie that is beneficial to psyche.  This incredibly dynamic dance connects both the right and left hemispheres of the brain using the combination of music, rhythm, and movement, providing a balance that promotes health and well-being.


Natural Motion Dance increases physical wellness.  It is a low impact, high aerobic exercise, which burns calories and increases endurance.  It releases endorphins and relieves muscle tension with circular, smooth movements combined with stretching.  Learning this art will increase overall muscular control while toning muscles and increasing flexibility.  It develops muscle groups that define the feminine figure and aid in child-bearing,  The abdominal movement massages the intestines, releases tension, and facilitates overall physical health.


Natural Motion Dance activates the seven energy centers in our bodies through various motions. It is a medium with which women can connect to their inner goddess.  This meditative dance, uses music, rhythm, and movement, allowing divinity to flow through our bodies.  Most of the movements are thousands of years old and evoke the same spiritual connection today that they did then, if we allow ourselves to be open such wondrous experiences.