QR Code Tips & Best Practices

As promised, here are some tips and best practices for using QR codes in your library: Use codes sparingly and wisely QR codes are awesome, I agree, but beware of QR code saturation.  Wallpapering your library with QR codes may actually be counterproductive.  If students are overloaded with too many QR codes they might end up blocking them Continue Reading →

QR Codes @ Your Library

I gave an online  presentation Tuesday on how we are using QR codes at my library. We are doing some unique things with our QR codes, and I thought I’d share them with you along with a select few of the slides from my presentation (NOTE: The presentation is viewable only by Florida college librarians). Before I Continue Reading →

Marketing Your Library With Facebook, Part 4 (Final) – Keeping Statistics

Keeping Statistics Facebook makes keeping statistics and analyzing the traffic on your Facebook Page very easy.  On the right hand side of your library’s Facebook Page is a link entitled, “View Insights.” There you will find your Page’s user statistics complete with useful numbers and line graphs.  Insights are divided into two categories: users and Continue Reading →

Marketing Your Library With Facebook, Part 3 – Bells & Whistles

Streaming Your Library’s Blog and Twitter Posts Some libraries have one or more blogs, which is a great way of self-promotion. Sometimes it can be difficult to drive traffic to your blog unless there are people who subscribe to it via RSS. Facebook can help with the ability to stream your library’s blogs directly to Continue Reading →

Marketing Your Library With Facebook, Part 2

How To Create Your Facebook Page   Starting a Facebook page for your library is very easy to do. Simply go to the Facebook homepage: www.facebook.com, without logging in and click on the “create a page” link.  You do not need a Facebook profile to have a page for your library, but it does make Continue Reading →

Marketing Your Library With Facebook, Part 1

I wrote a book chapter on marketing your library with Facebook, but I got bogged down with the five tons of doctoral work on top of my librarian job and being a mom job, so I didn’t get it in on time.  Oops.  Hey, I’m not perfect by any means, and I often procrastinate.  Needless Continue Reading →