Piaget for Adults???

I recently had a discussion with someone about Piaget, and she asked this question: “Isn’t Piaget’s stuff about kids and how they learn? Why would that be important for you to know?” My Answer: Well, yes and no.  The theory does apply to child development, but understanding this process also helps us to understand how people learn Continue Reading →

Case study in Social Cognitive Theory: Modeling

I am doing a study into social cognitive theory, specifically in modeling.  Here is a case study from my personal life: Overview My daughter, Sophia, is six years old and is learning to play the violin.  She has been taking Suzuki Violin lessons since she had just turned five years old.  The Suzuki Method of Continue Reading →

Correlative Subsumption

What??? Ausubel coined the process call, subsumption, which is the process by which new knowledge is included into concepts already existing in memory.  One of the two ways this new knowledge is included into prior concepts is through correlative subsumption.  In contrast to derivative subsumption, the second way of including new knowledge, correlative subsumption takes Continue Reading →