Academic Courses

Courses Taught

University of Wisconsin-Platteville, Platteville, Wisconsin

  • DEL 7640 Development of Talent in Virtual Education (online) – Graduate Program (Desire2Learn)
  • DEL 7950 – Research, Assessment, and Analytics within the Virtual Education Environment (online) — Graduate Program (Desire2Learn)
  • DEL 7220 — Teaching and Learning at a Distance (online) — Graduate Program (Desire2Learn)

New England College, Henniker, New Hampshire

  • MG 6040 Research Methods – Graduate Program (Moodle)
  • LAS1110 One Love: Marley, Language and Learning – Undergraduate course “On Being Human” (Bisk LMS)

Manor College, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

  • HS 103 History of the United States I
  • HS 104 History of the United States II (WebStudy)
  • HS 105 Race, Culture & Ethnicity in the United States

Bucks County Community College, Newtown, Pennsylvania

(Integration of Knowledge – INTG – is a capstone course required for completion of an AA/AS degree)

  • INTG 285 Creativity (in-person and online – Blackboard & WebCT)
  • INTG 299 Current Controversies

 Drexel University, College of Information Science, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • INFO 510 Info Resources & Services I (online TA – Blackboard & WebCT)
  • INFO 511 Info Resources & Services II (online TA – Blackboard & WebCT)

Teaching Philosophy

I follow a more constuctivist philosophy in my teaching.  I believe that students play an active role in their own learning process.  My role is to provide a nurturing learning environment that facilitates this process.  I create the structure based on my expertise of the subject and guide the students through the process, fostering intrinsic motivation and a sense of empowerment among my students.  I often tell them that knowledge is power and that I am there to empower them in their lives.

My online courses are dynamic, filled with rich media and lively discussion.  As a doctoral student in a limited residency program where most learning takes place online, I see online education from both the perspective of the instructor and the student simultaneously.  I have studied in-depth online learning environments and andragogy, so I am able create the most intrinsically motivational and empowering experience as possible for my students. My sense of humor permeates everything, and everything is fair game as a learning opportunity. I incorporate theories and concepts into everyday ideas that make learning not only easy, but enjoyable.

Whereas some instructors find teaching online to be difficult as they attempt to superimpose their face-to-face course design (mostly unsuccessfully) onto the online learning environment, I find success in the opposite.  I take my online learning course design and bring it to my face-to-face classes by incorporating rich media and a variety of learning experiences that creates a more dynamic classroom experience.

Overall I find teaching to be an extremely enriching and rewarding profession.  I enjoy empowering students so that what they learn goes beyond my classroom and enriches their lives.